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Win from Implementation and Unity----2015 Sichuan Zhongqiao Group Outward Bound

2017-02-28 18:51:20  来源:忠桥集团

       In order to improve teamwork ability, help employees to know each other better and to enhance the relationship among employees, Zhongqiao group held a outward bound in the theme of wining from implementation and unity in Lao`E Mountain on January 30, 2015. Outward bound is a kind of training that can effectively help develop potentials, improve individual mentality and meanwhile help team members understand relationships between company and employee as well as between superior and subordinate better.
       At 7:30 January 30, 2015, after a quick gathering, all Zhongqiao staff started their journey excitedly and nervously. With three-hour ride, we finally arrived in the destination. At that time it was snowing, which signifies a successful training.
       At first, we are requested to build our own team. We were divided into four teams with respective name, slogan, team song and formation. Then each team presented a team show. We could see that every team was vigorous and every team member was eager to compete.

       The first game was the classic Qiangtandenglu, in the aim to train the ability of cooperation as well as the ability of resource allocation and utilization.

       The second game was Jisuchuanzhen. The most important of this part is to be highly concentrated and keep in mind of the rules; otherwise the whole team would be knocked out due to individual mistake.

       A whole day`s training and the chilling had already driven everyone quite tired, but the best always remains in the last. At 7:30 p.m. with all teams assembled and all members wearing a blindfold, we were about to proceed the last game which was called the Journey of Life. In this game, everyone, blindfolded, must walk in the dark with hands firmly holding the hands of your teammates in front and at the back of you. The road was muddy and bristled with thorns. It was raining and snowing. The only thing we could rely on was our teammates.

       In the following day, we had an interesting morning exercise.

       Then we began to climb Lao`e Mountain.

       At 3:30 p.m. we had our last game, Leadership Presentation. It was a test of our execution. Execution brings good results. No excuse was allowed to be the reason why we fail to meet our goal.

       After the training it was the long-awaited bonfire party.

       The last day we went to Liujiang Acient Town to have the orienteering competition and award prizes.

       Zhongqiao Group also arranged an essay context about this training. Also we had each subsidiary and department share their feelings about this training and intensify the results. We will organize more outward bound so as to build a highly cohesive and executive team.

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Win from Implementation and Unity----2015 Sichuan Zhongqiao Group Outward Bound
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